Gratitude Journal Review

Gratitude Journal #1

The Start With Gratitude” A Daily Gratitude Journal to Strengthen the Attitude of Gratitude by Plan and Simple Books is a journal designed to help individuals strengthen their gratitude mindset. The journal is a 52-week program that takes the reader on a journey of self-exploration to help them feel thankful for not only the big things in life but also all the small and simple moments [2].

According to a review on Amazon, the Start with Gratitude journal is an excellent way to incorporate gratitude into one’s daily routine. The reviewer, Frank Androff, stated that the journal is “an excellent way to start each day with an attitude of gratitude and positive thoughts” [1].

If one wants to start a gratitude journal, Wikipedia suggests being thankful and cultivating gratitude as the norm in one’s life. This will make it much easier to keep a gratitude journal. They also recommend making it a rule to write down a certain number of things to be thankful for per day [3].

Gratitude Journal #2

The Gratitude Journal for Women, which claims to be the easiest way to start practicing a daily self-love and mindfulness routine. The journal has a modern, chic design with a premium hardcover, high-quality linen and gold foil, and a ribbon bookmark. It has a simple, beautiful layout with daily writing prompts, inspirational affirmations, and motivational quotes [1].

I do not have personal experience using this journal, but according to customer reviews on Amazon, the journal has received mostly positive feedback. Many reviewers have praised the journal for its beautiful design and layout and have found the daily prompts to be helpful in cultivating a positive mindset and gratitude practice [2].

In addition to this journal, there are also other gratitude journals available in the market, and “Women’s Health” has curated a list of the 11 best gratitude journals to help readers have a happier year [3]. Therefore, if you are interested in starting gratitude practice, this journal could be a good option to consider.


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